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Disclaimers:  These stories are not listed in any particular order.  I've made no attempt to edit this list for quality or content. The only common denominator is that somewhere in the story, Sam gets hurt...becomes sick or injured.  I've tried to post some warnings for the stories, but I may have missed things, so you should probably pay heed to the writers' warnings; track them down if you're a picky reader.  If you have a story you'd like to add to this list, please feel free to contact me at:  Thanks to Myrth for the banner!


Updated 12-30-09  
New stories are at the top of the list.  I know some of you sent me links this past year, but I had to reformat my harddrive a few months ago after it crashed, and I lost most of my past email and updated files. So, lots missing. If you have a Sam-whumping story that isn't on this list, please just send me a link and hound me if it doesn't appear after the next update.  My method for updating this list is very random. 

The Ninth Chevron by jadefirefly

Do Not Go Gentle by jadefirefly

He'd Loved Her for 10 Years by jadefirefly

Waiting by jadefirefly

Coast of Carolina by jackwabbit

Command Decisions by jackwabbit

Weight of the World by shivez

The Black Widow Curse by Wendy Gilliatt

Starting Points by Wendy Gilliatt

Learning to Lean by Wendy Gilliatt

In the Dark of Night by Wendy Gilliatt

Crystal Moments by Wendy Gilliatt

The Healing by Laura Y

Pain by Squacco

PoW by Kat H

Reunion by BabsN
(Warning: character death)

Nothing Wrong, Nothing Right by syxp

The Invisible Captain by Sherrill C Martin

Imprisoned by DebA

Quarantine by JoaG

What is True by Babs

Undisclosed by a.loquita

Fighting Grace by Aoife Hime

Broken by sjhw tolerance

Broken by Emry Wild

I'd Rather Die by mara-anni

The Theory of General Relativity by PodBayDoors

The Secret Lives of Pandas by Phoenix-cry

Freeze Frame by Phoenix-cry

One of Us by Rachel500

Tortured Soul by Amaranth Traces

Dylan by csiAngel

The Many Shades of Night by Sharon Nuttycomb

Silver and Amber by Cagey

Fix by petitestars

While You Were Sleeping by petitestars

Healing Space by petitestars

The Major's Fall by Neuropsych

Forever Autumn by ALC Punk

What Doesn't Kill You by Denise

Open Window by Denise

Closing the Divide by SqueeG-1

Starting Fresh by sgtat

Friends in Need by AnCa

Convolutions by Maggie Eaton

Paradise Found by Shimmeringstar

Impact by northernexposure

Measure After Measure by Dreamweaver85

Impact by northernexposure

Migraine by gater62


Updated 07-12-08  

Golden Sheaves and Cockle Shells All in a Row by ALC Punk

On the Darkest Night by soapbox solo38

A Coward's Death by soapbox solo38

When All the Other Angels Fled by jo-jo bruiser

Under Alien Stars by jo-jo bruiser

Fireflies by Alli Snow

Fairytales by Karen T

With Twilight Descending by Nanda

Updated 06-21-08

Dreams by crazedturkey

The Way the World Ends by sbz

The Way the Future Changes by sbz

The Way the Journey Goes by sbz

The Way the World Is by sbz

A Light in the Darkness by Bekah See

Sight Unseen by Bekah See

A Mile a Minute by Bekah See

Tangled Alliances by Traycer

Tortured Soul by Amaranth Traces

Intuition by jackwabbit

Strange Celebrations by cofax

Bellerophon by melora30

A Snippet from the Sky: SG-1: "In the Flesh and In the Clod" by Salieri

The Day When Nobody Died by janissima

No Air by Annerb

String Theory by Annerb

Gravity Always Wins in the End by Annerb

Because I Have Loved by Tittamire

Apostate by afg

The Other Life Unlived by Seldear

Out of Time by AstraPerAspera

Touch the Stars by scriberbean

Not Gonna Happen by scriberbean

To Hell and Back by miseradreamer

Vengeance by Meesh
(femslash, read the warnings!)

Updated 11-26-07  


Arrows of Fire by Star Trek Freak

Land of the Setting Sun by Tracy Jane


The Face of Darkness by Bekah See


The Mind Inside by Bekah See


Jaunt to Paradise by Spiletta42


Cabin Fever by SJSlashfan



Wise After the Event by SJSlashfan



Enlightened by Travelling One


One by Aimless


Liminal Space by Scarimor



Taken by Laura Y


Mismatched by Moonshayde


Deliberate Speed by 7 League Boots


Cold Water Burning by Rigel


Missing in Action by AstraPerAspera


Starting Points by Wendy Gilliatt


In the Dark of Night by Wendy Gilliatt


Starting Fresh by sgtat


Bringing Her Home by exsquared


Recalling the Past, Surviving the Present by exsquared


Wavelength by Nanda



Updated 6-18-07  

All in a Day's Work by ALC Punk

Two of a Kind by Josephine
(over 18)

SG-1: Rules of Engagement by groovekittie

Memoria by stargazermcm

And You Peacemakers Go to the Same Place as Soldiers by Splash the Cat

Feet Upon the Snow by poohmusings

Runcible Spoon by aurora novarum

Essence of Lilith by Courser
(over 18)

Missing Pieces by AstraPerAspera

The Woman Who Wasn't There by Geonn

The Poseidon Effect by Ayiana

Contagion by Noda

Illusion of Truth by Noda

Another Day Another Scar by Lyssie

Socks by cofax

Coercion by Kellifer

Unseen Enemy by Dominique

End of the Line by Ruth

Love Rules and Universal Laws by Ten9 First part of a series

Birth by Cellivamp First part of Dayspell series

The Man in Me by Amanda and Melissa Adams First part of Together Forever series

More Reasons Than One by Melissa Adams

The Longest Day by Kaelcee

Intrusion by Julia Reynolds

Blind Man's Bluff by Kathy Dickinson

The Last Breath Series by Flotternz and Tarra O'Neal

Memory by IcedHeat

Fugue by Jewels

Alien Cultures by AnCa

Duty and Honour by Denise

Blackened by Eve

Trapped by MacGyver

This Can't Be Happening! By Sally Murphy

Making a Difference by Suzanne Whitmarsh


Updated 4-19-07  

Cruciatus by Scarimor
(over 18)

Veil by Eve11

Things to Talk About by Offworlder

Dying Words by Offworlder

Selma by Trouble321

The Working Hour by afg


Updated 4-1-07  

Many Shades of Night by Avalon3

The Long and Winding Road by Avalon3

Seek and Find by Chase998

Folsom Prison Blues by Eve11

Xanadu by Spiletta42

Chi Mai by Telsia-Cha'ris
(over 18, read warnings)

It Was Cold by BethinSg

Tears by BethinSg

If This is Pool, How Come I Can't Go in the Deep End by Pink Rabbit Productions

Hand of Kindness by afg

The Doctor's Mission by elfcat255

Mine Eyes Have Seen by Eve11

Through the Gate Darkly by miseradreamer

Prisoners of Fear by Wendy Gilliatt

Kaboom by Kellifer_fic


The Most Wonderful by sbgrrl


It's the Little Things by juliefortune


Chance by Jaya Mitai


On Condor Wings by jo-jo bruiser


Goddesses by Rachel500


Wings of the Apocalypse by Sharim


Forfeit by Genie Este

(read the warnings!)


Aftershocks by Geonn

(Sam/Janet, over 18)


Decommissioned by Seven League Boots


A Matter of Trust by MandySg1


Fortitude by MandySg1


Getting to Know You by MandySg1


Repercussions by MandySg1


Reaching Past the Sky by amilyn


With Great Power by amilyn


Reckless by Annerb


A Regular Day at the Office by Audrich


Operation Montezuma by Strix varia


Overtime by SG1-Fanfic

What Will It Take by SG1-Fanfic


A Beautiful Mind by SG1-Fanfic

SG1-Fanfic has more Sam-centric stories (without whumping) and a bunch of Sam-related links at her website:

Imbroglio by dietcokechick

Seven Days by dietcokechic

Seven Days - The Return Home by dietcokechic

Forbidden by Julia Reynolds

Trespass by Julia Reynolds


Deadly Legacy by Sally Reeve and Marcy

Night Terrors by Sally Reeve and Marcy


Second Chance by Sally Reeve

Flying with Fear by Sharim


Executive Decision by Sharim


Unreality by Sharim


When Duty Calls by Sharim


To Earn Freedom by Sharim


A Place Called Home by Sharim


Cost of Living by Doc


The Weather Outside by Doc

Retribution by Jo R


Mind Games by Jo R


Masquerade by Jo R


Traditions by Little Red


After All by Little Red

(over 18)


Character by shiny silver grl

Barrier by shiny silver grl


Healing by Katerina17


Deadly Paradise by Katerina17


The Soul Stalkers by Revvie


Night Lights by Revvie

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend by Revvie


No Way Back by Revvie-S


The Underground by Revvie-S


The Oz Connection series by Denise


Loyalty's Betrayal by Denise

Room for Today by Denise


Seeing is Believing by Denise


A Midwinter's Nightmare by Denise

(3 versions - pay attention to warnings)

Denise has more Sam-centric stories (some with whumping that I simply haven't listed here yet) at her website:

Nothing Is Alone by Carrie
(over 18)

No Such Thing by Carrie

The Soul Senses by Carrie

Sympathetic Lies by Carrie

How the Mighty by Carrie

Quagmire by Carrie

Vinum Sororum Nostrum by Carrie


Solitudes-The Reversal By K. Siegfried
(over 18)

G.I.Sam By K. Siegfried
(over 18)


Theodore’s Comet by Jojo

Haunted by Jojo


Conversing with Cliffs by Jojo

Small Graces: Daniel by Rowan Darkstar
(over 18)

Small Graces: Teal'c by Rowan Darkstar

(over 18)


No Place Like Home by Rowan Darkstar

Rowan has more Sam-centric stories (many with mental whumping) at her website:

What Really Matters by Tracy


A Brief Moment by Tracy

Crash and Burn by Tracy


Wonderland by cgb

Down Came the Rain by cgb



Tall Guys to Fall by cgb


Old Debts (series) by Majelb


Water in the Moonlight by MajelB


The Tolgarth Series by Arrietty


Revelation by Arrietty


Trust Goes Both Ways by Arrietty


Left Unspoken by Mabyn

(over 18)


Alea Iacta Est by Mabyn

(over 18)


In Threes by Nanda


The Furies wept by Nanda


Deaths Spawn by Confushi Sushi

(series, only first part listed)
(over 18)

Legacy of the Xel’naga: The Becoming by Confushi Sushi

(series, only first part listed)
(over 18)


Forever by Celievamp


The Crimes of the Past by Celievamp


Jolinar of Melkshur by Celievamp



There Was No Response by Veep


Gone Too Long by Veep


Before Knowing Remembers by Rocketchick

Prisoners of Ataroth by sharilyn (eggscentric)


Dancing on a Volcano by Toulouse

Just One of the Guys? by Wendy Gilliatt

Orpheus Ascending by AC

Thicker Than Water by Adi and Sazmojo

Ancient Feelings by Melissa Adams and Amanda


The Things We Demand from Love by Mei Mei

Lifeline by Suz

Still Waters by Valerie Kessler

Surface Tension by Salieri

In Sickness and in Health by Ana Lyssie Cotton


Catalyst by ST-1

Mountains Out of a Mole by Sherrill C. Martin

The Road from Nadir by Rebecca Preen
(over 18)

Differences by DebA

The Hidden One by Gracie
(over 18)

The Corners of My Mind by Bastet

Through a Glass Darkly by Apocrypha
(over 18)

Hand in Hand by JB and Jmas
(over 18)

Drowning by Aeryn

Quality of Mercy by ELG
(emphasis on Danny whumping but some great Sam scenes, too)(over 18, mild implied slash?)

Storm Warning by Hoodat Whatzit

Beyond the Pain and sequel More Than Words by
Hannah Richardson

The Bone Collector by EvilEdna42


Infirmary After by Teand


Living on the Edge by Babs


Sacrifice of Duty by NothingProfound


White Out by Lyta

(over 18)


Strong Enough by Geonn


Hard Choices, Simple Truths by CritterKid


Shade by Gene Este

(series, only first part listed here)


Oderint Dum Metuant by Sakhmet


Backwoods by Kish

(femslash, over 18)


The Battlefield Series by Sandwiches


Kaleidoscope by A.M. Richardson


Anniversary by A.M. Richardson


Taken by Laura Y

(over 18)


Autumnal Moments by Bekki Beekeeper


A Matter of Survival by Gen Varel

(over 18)


Shades of Grey: The Aftermath by MandySg1


Places to Be by Quezacolt


Ever::Dreamtime by Winter Skye


Extreme Cost by Flatkatsi


Tales to tell the Dying by afg


Waltzing's for Dreamers by afg


Carter Smiled by Offworlder


Don't Say a Word by SelDear


Reflections by Seldear


Under Alien Skies Propagation by Alec Star

(over 18)


Missing Something by Annunaki

(over 18 just to be safe)

Code of Honor by Jen Gafeller

Last Goodbye by Jen Gafeller

Out of the Depths by Jen Gafeller

Comfort Zone by ShimmeringStar

Forsaken by Annerb


Broken Words by Annerb

Annerb has more Sam-centric stories (including much mental whumping) at her website:

Solidarity by Traycer


Under Friendly Fire by Traycer

Shadow Walkers by Moonshayde

Cause and Effect by Jessa

Gossamer by Jessa

Bond by Jessa
(over 18)

Suicide of the Soul by jouissance

I Killed Carter by Celeste

Left in the Dark by Shatterpath

Fairy Tales by Karen T

Not in Kansas Anymore by Melyanna

The Crossroads of Eshu by Melyanna

The Appearance of Objects in Depth by Komos
(over 18, Jack/Daniel slash)

Banshee by SGCbearcub

Almost Lost by Loopylou

Surprise Encounters by Joolz
(over 18)

Past the Point of Rescue by Chase998

A Pond with No Fish by Rachel500

Camelot Episode Tag by sg-1fanintn